Personal Plan for Growth - Growth Mindset Tool

The Growth Mindset Tool will help you develop your plan for personal growth. With guidance from Alex Havard’s book “ Coached by Joan: Lessons in Virtuous Leadership”, discover your mission and build your plan for personal growth.

Ten Virtuous Leadership Principles

Enjoy the Virtuous Leadership Principles digital asset to have at the ready on your phone or tablet or print out the poster-sized print to share with others in your home or office. 

Self-Coaching Worksheet

The Virtuous Leadership Self-Coaching worksheet is designed to get you started with a few easy steps to better understand your temperament and the temperament of others in action throughout the day. 

Practicing Humility 30 Day Plan

We build our character through the practice of the virtues. Humility is a virtue often misunderstood and is challenging to many of us. Here is a 30-Day Plan to use alongside other Virtuous Leadership system tools.

Practicing Magnanimity 30 Day Plan

Magnanimity is an essential virtue for effective leadership. As defined by Alex Havard, a magnanimous leader looks beyond selfish interests and works to serve others and society as a whole. Developing this virtue requires overcoming ego and embracing sacrifice and service.