The Virtuous Leadership ® Difference

10 Reasons Why We Are Different From Other Leadership and Personal Development Programs

The Virtuous Leadership System (VLS) is tailored to the individual and is not a set of bullet points, a punch list of items, or a best practices list to follow.

We believe that all people are created for greatness. We do not believe in a fixed mindset that puts people in a box but rather we believe that we learn from our temperament how to apply the VLS to develop the character of a leader and achieve personal excellence.

We consider the whole person. We perceive body, soul, and spirit as a unity. We speak to the integrated human person. Our system is not tied to any religion or belief. We believe all people who understand their temperament, strengths, and challenges can grow in personal excellence through the VLS.

Virtuous Leadership is mission-driven: it helps you Discover Your Mission and live your best life.

We offer reasonably priced programs that are affordable for a wide range of people.

We are the only system that combines a modern practical view of growth through virtues while understanding your basic biology. Additionally, our system identifies and promotes magnanimity and humility as the specific virtues of leaders, making leadership a precise and uniquely attractive science.

Our system distinguishes the passive and active aspects of virtues, making your journey towards excellence focused and practical. We recognize and value the connected relationship between action and reflection – both are needed to excel in life.

 In our system the heart plays a central role besides the intellect and the will, allowing the flourishing of fully integrated human beings.

We are not a credentialing production factory to accumulate certificates on your wall. We are focused on content and education to guide your personal growth.  


We are a growing global community of people dedicated to the VLS. Our courses are in three languages with more being added for 2024. Alex Havard has ignited a grassroots following over the world that is all virtually connected.