Igniting Hearts for Greatness

Leadership is a choice; it is not a rank or position.
Leadership is for everyone; it is not reserved for the elite.
Leadership is a way of being; it is not based on your place in society or position in your organization.
These are the words of Alexandre Havard, the founder of the Virtuous Leadership® system.
Who is Alex Havard?

An author and international speaker, Alex Havard defines and clarifies the essence of being human and guides us to discover the greatness for which we have been created.

Alex, fluent in five languages, shows us how to move from our biological temperament to our best selves, discover our mission in life, and become the virtuous leaders we were meant to be.

What is Virtuous Leadership®?

Alex defines Virtuous Leadership as achieving greatness by bringing out the greatness in others. True greatness is about human, spiritual growth. It is the result of the practice of the virtue of magnanimity; service is the result of the practice of the virtue of humility.

What is the Virtuous Leadership® System?

It is the learning system for Alex’s books and master classes that provide a modern view to the time-tested study of character-based leadership.

Join Alex and start your journey today.

By enrolling in the various Master Classes with Alex Havard, you will:

  • Understand your natural talents
  • Understand your temperament
  • Understand how to develop the habits of excellence
  • Develop leadership competencies
  • Discover your mission

Leaders who completed Alex’s courses have experienced:

  • Greater focus on their life purpose and mission

  • Stronger relationships with their spouse, family, co-workers, and friends

  • Improved candor and empathy when dealing with others

  • Learned a common language to affirm and inspire all

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