About Alex Havard’s “Seven Prophets and the Culture War.” 

By the French Philosopher Henri Hude 


The Postil Magazine published a review of Alexandre Havard’s latest book, Seven Prophets and the Culture War, written by French philosopher, Henri Hude. The 1,000-word analysis of the book offers a clear examination of the text as well as an exploration of what it means to be a Christian in society today.  

Hude writes, “The originality of Havard’s point of view lies perhaps less in the analysis of the destructive thinkers’ key ideas, than in their characterological study.”   

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Henri Hude is a French philosopher, alumnus of the French École Normale Supérieure, founder of the “Ethics and Legal Environment” center at the Saint-Cyr Military Academy, co-founder and board member of the International Society for Military Ethics in Europe (EURO-ISME). 

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